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My C# 6 Favorite Features

Recently Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 and the new C# 6 language. I want to share with you my favorite features of C# 6. Null conditional operator: Every developer hate to get NullReferenceException when the application running, this means we … Continue reading

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WPF and DataAnotations

A few weeks ago I took MVC 3 course at E4D with Eyal Vardi. One of the subjects we learned is how to validate Object or property-using validation attributes. First thing I thought about is why WPF does not … Continue reading

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Event Aggregator VS Dependency Injection

For many Weeks, I have herd peoples saying they use Event Aggregator in prism as main publish/subscribe event mechanism. When I started using this technology, I asked myself why? Is Dependency Injection not good enough? After a little research, I … Continue reading

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What is Virtualization: Virtualization is a key component of Dynamic IT. Virtualization helps isolate various computing resources. With virtualization, computing components are essentially turned into-on-demand services. If you trying to display more than 10,000 without Virtualized panel you run the … Continue reading

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